Hello, Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year! Not only is it the season that holds my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, but you can’t beat the changing of the leaves, the warm days and cool nights, the crisp bite and perfect sunny blue sky in the morning, the smells, and, of course, the food (hello, pumpkin pie!!). But the two things I look most forward to breaking out when the weather starts to turn are my scarves and the hot chocolate! Hello, Fall, I’m so glad you’re finally here!

This post and set of photos are part of a monthly blog circle called Cross Country Clicks. We are a group of friends sharing and celebrating our photographic journeys. This month our theme is “Signs of Fall”. Click HERE to see my friend Ann’s photos and post! Continue on from her page to follow the circle around!

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Melanie - You make that hot chocolate look like a fantastic idea!! Not in 87 degree weather, though! I will have to wait until January to break some of that out. Great shots, Bria. Wonderful use of color. :)

Ann - That second shot is perfect, Bria! I love the color on your nails too!

Nadeen - Scarves and hot chocolate, yup! I completely agree. Beautiful images as always!

Emily - Bria these are absolutely amazing! I love your take on fall and that you included yourself in these with your favorite things <3